House dust might be increasing your body fat: study

Dust is making you fat.

Researchers at Duke University have discovered a link between the ubiquitous particles covering our tables and the all-too-ubiquitous fat cells in our bodies.

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    Researchers at Duke University have discovered a link between dust particles covering our tables and our bodies.

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The scientists took pre-fat cells from mice and exposed them to house dust — and found that seven of 11 dust samples caused the cells to prematurely develop into adult fat cells. And nine of 11 dust samples spurred the cells to divide, creating more pre-fat cells — all with the potential to cause weight gain.

Dust is comprised of many elements including hormone-affecting chemicals called endocrine disruptors that can damage reproductive systems, the thyroid, metabolic rates and the heart, as well as cause cancer.

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More research is being done because the amount of disruptor-laced dust which affected the cells is way below the government acknowledged levels of exposure seen in children daily.

These disruptors can be found in plastics and many household products, including flame retardant, pesticides, cosmetics, packaging and cleaning fluids — which get into our dust.

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Cleaning could let you lose weight by the act and removing fat-causing dust particles.

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And then under our waistbands.

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